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These Beautiful Tattoos Will Remind You To Always Have Hope

Move forward and keep on going. ;)
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/, (RIGHT) Instagram/flowerdal_rim

During times like you feel your world crashing down, it can be difficult to pick yourself up. It takes everything for you to think about positive things. If you find it a daily battle to stay calm and optimistic about the future, get a tattoo that will remind you that you can always choose to move forward. 

Ahead, the most inspiring tattoos we could find.

  1. The journey to better days starts with loving yourself first.

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  2. This one will remind you that you are enough.

  3. Get a tattoo with symbols that represent faith, hope, and love.

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  4. "Live your life."

  5. A butterfly symbolizes new beginnings.

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  6. How about this unforgettable Finding Nemo quote?

  7. Here's one that will help you change your mindset so you can reach your goals.

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  8. A rainbow is the best symbol that bad days don't last forever.

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