Trendy Tuesdays: Why You Should Try Dry Brushing

Believe it or not, you can banish cellulite.

Did you know you can minimize cellulite without having to go under the knife?

Yep, it's called dry brushing—and it's actually really easy to do! All you need is a round brush with natural bristles (artificial bristles will scratch, not exfoliate your skin) and body oil. Don't have a body brush? A loofah will do!

So how does it work? Right before taking a shower, grab your dry brush and swirl it on your body —targeting your thighs, legs, and butt cheeks—for 90 seconds per area. Start on your ankles, and work your way up towards your heart. While it's safe to do this all over your body, pay extra attention to areas where you have cellulite, like the back of your legs. And remember: Don't scrub too hard!

The gentle exfoliation will not only slough off dead skin cells, but it will also improve blood circulation and reduce the appearance of unflattering dimples.

All that scrubbing will make your skin super flaky, so don't forget to apply body oil (we love The Body Shop's Beautifying Oil) before you hit the shower. Oh, and use a mild cleanser during bathing so as not to irritate your skin!

Have you tried dry brushing already? How was it?

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