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20 Beach-Themed Profile Picture Ideas To Try This Summer

Set summer on fire!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kryzzzie, (RIGHT) Instagram/martine

Before you hit the beach, it's best to be armed with the best poses! After all, what's a great getaway if it's not documented, right? To help you plan your Instagram feed and score your ultimate summer Facebook profile picture, we've culled the coolest photo pegs to try below:

  1. En route to your island destination with the morning sunlight touching your face, ask your beau or BFF to take the perfect shot. Bonus points if you're looking away.

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  2. Sitting right on the tip of the boat works, too!

  3. Using your phone's landscape mode, pose in your colorful swimsuit with the beachfront as your backdrop. Don't forget to flash your brightest smile!

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  4. If you're feeling shy, do the sausage legs pose, but have a drink in hand to veer away from the usual.

  5. Take a dip in the water and smize.

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  6. For when YOU and the shore are too pretty not be shown.

  7. The tropic greenery can serve as a good backdrop, too. Also, try candid poses for a change.

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  8. You don't always need to face the camera. 

  9. You won't need a highlighter for your cheekbones and shoulder when you try this pose.

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  10. This photo perfectly summarizes why natural sunlight is the BEST beauty lighting ever. Apply lip and cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks and on your pout for an extra sunkissed look.

  11. Show off your booty with a "walking away" pose.

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  12. Of course, you just HAVE to let everyone know you went underwater.

  13. You can also kneel on the sandy shore and close your eyes to feel the sunlight hit your skin.

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  14. Although it looks simple and unscripted, this pose is a sure winner.

  15. Take advantage of golden hour—the moment right before sunrise or sunset.

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  16. A classic beach profile pic: Riding the waves. It's a major achievement, okay?

  17. Wet hair and a sexy, pillowy pout—you can't go wrong with that!

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  18. A bit of shadow play makes for a hit profile picture!

  19. Try this effortless sexy pose: Kneel on a resort lounge, place one hand on your waist, and fix your hair with the other

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  20. Capture the serenity of nature.

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