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World's Oldest Person, 116-Year-Old Emma Morano, Reveals Diet Secret

Aside from what she eats, she thinks being single for most of her life kept her alive all this time.
PHOTO: YouTube/AFP news agency

Emma Morano—who was born in Verbania, Italy in 1899is the world's oldest living person. In fact, she's looking forward to turning 117 years old on November 29.

Morano has been asked about what she thinks may have helped prolong her life. She revealed to Agence France-Presse in Italian, "I eat two eggs a day and that’s it."

The report explained that Morano eats raw eggs. Morano explained that she "has eaten two eggs raw for decades since a doctor told her it would help her anemia."

Aside from raw eggs, Morano says she is also fond of cookies.

Moreover, she also credits being single for most of her life as one of the factors that kept her alive all this time.

"Morano has stayed single since she divorced in her late 30s," notes The Huffington Post.

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