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8 Films To Watch With Your Guy This September

Here's a list of upcoming films your guy will love to watch with you, from gory horror flicks to even rom-coms!

It's the start of September, and you all know what that means in, men, men! We often complain about the mistakes and faults of the opposite sex, but this month, we're all about celebrating the men in our lives, and those we like to admire from a distance.

In honor of the Cosmo Men issue and the upcoming Bachelor Bash, we're getting into the spirit of things by offering you a peek at the new films you and your guy can enjoy this month. Some feature hot leading men who will make you swoon, others star funny men who will bust your gut with laughter. Either way, this list has films that your guy is probably dying to see, too.

There are a couple of horror flicks coming out soon that are the perfect way to lure your macho beau to the theater. He'll love the action and gore, while you will be happy to have someone to hold on to during scary scenes. Or, bring him to a romantic comedy that might teach you both a thing or two about how to balance friendship in a relationship.

Launch the gallery to read about the upcoming movies this month and when you can catch them!

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