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Where Is The Cast Of Horror Film 'A Tale Of Two Sisters' Now?

a tale of two sisters

Classic Korean horror film A Tale Of Two Sisters is certainly a must-watch, and if you still haven't seen it by now, it's currently available on Netflix! In the movie, sisters Soo Mi and Soo Yeon return to their house, where they have to deal with their *evil* stepmother and some ~supernatural~ forces. One of the movie's best qualities is its one-of-a-kind cast, so let's take a quick look at what they're doing in 2021! 

Where is the cast of A Tale Of Two Sisters now? 

Im Soo Jung as Soo Mi 

a tale of two sisters im soo jung

In 2021, she talked about becoming a vegan, saying that after a vegetarian trip with an acquaintance, she changed her lifestyle and became interested in the environment and animal welfare. 

When it comes to her acting projects, you HAVE to watch her 2017 drama Chicago Typewriter! It tells the story of three individuals who discover that they're connected to freedom fighters during the Japanese occupation in Korea. She's also set to star in another series, Melancholia, opposite Lee Do Hyun. It will focus on "a corrupt private high school with preferential treatment." 

Where you last saw her: Search WWW (2019)

Moon Geun Young as Soo Yeon

a tale of two sisters cast

The former child actress started acting at only 12 years old and is dubbed "the nation's little sister!" Soon after A Tale Of Two Sisters, she starred in the 2004 movie My Little Bride. She became the youngest winner of the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards for Painter In The Wind. She then transitioned to leading lady roles in dramas such as Cinderella's Sister (2010) and Marry Me, Mary! (2010).

Moon Geun Young studied liberal arts at Sungkyunkwan University and reportedly graduated in 2012. Geun Young also dated her Goddess Of Fire co-star Kim Bum in 2013, but the pair announced their breakup a year later. 

Where you last saw her: Catch The Ghost (2021) 

Yum Jung Ah as Eun Joo 

a tale of two sisters stepmother

Say hello to our fave stepmother! And speaking of moms...according to Soompi, Yum Jung Ah is now the mother of two and is married to an orthopedic surgeon. One of her most recent roles is in Sky Castle, where she played a tiger mom who's determined to get her daughter admitted to the best school in Korea. She actually won the Best Actress award for television at the Bakesang Arts Awards for her performance in the series. 

Where you last saw her: Life Is Beautiful (2020) 

Kim Kap Soo as Moo Hyun 

a tale of two sisters father
sweet home/netflix

In October 2020, the veteran actor revealed that he's an ARMY! He uploaded a photo of himself on the fan community Weverse and even wrote a special message for BTSJimin. SO PRECIOUS! His recent projects include Designated Survivor: 60 Days (2019) Delayed Justice (2020), and Sweet Home (2020).

Where you last saw him: Hospital Playlist (2021) 


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