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AC Bonifacio Answers The Most Googled Questions About Her

ac bonifacio
PHOTO: YouTube/Andree Bonifacio

If you love watching dance covers of famous K-pop songs, then you probably stumbled upon AC Bonifacio's videos once or twice. Not only do they show how talented she is, but they also have some serious production value—it's no wonder celebs notice them

Aside from her ~skills~, there are still some things we don't know about the 18-year-old dancer, so when we saw that she posted a video of her answering the most-searched questions about her, we knew we had to watch it! Below, we list down some of the most interesting facts we gathered:

1. Her bias in BLACKPINK is Lisa.

Despite doing a lot of dance covers of BLACKPINK's songs, AC revealed that she never actually shared who her bias in the group is. Her answer? It's Lisa, of course, but she said that she loves all four of them equally. OT4 forever!

2. She's currently single.

"Wala po, bawal pa po yun. Baka magalit po si mommy, wala [si mommy] dito," she quipped. We love a career-driven girl!

3. She is 5'2.

According to her, a lot of people online think she's 4'11 when she is actually 5'2! She shared that the two extra inches really matter, and as a fellow short girl, I totally agree with her, LOL.

4. Her friendship with Niana Guerrero was an "unexpected" one.

AC has a lot of guy best friends with only a few girl BFFs, which make them really special and close to her heart. According to her, the most unexpected friendship she has is with Niana Guerrero, a fellow dancer. Even though they have a four-year age gap, their bond is strong, and you can clearly see it whenever they post about each other.


5. She loves Jungkook from BTS.

AC said that it's hard *not* to love all seven of them, but if she had to choose, she would pick Jungkook as her main bias. According to her, since he's the maknae, she joked that she would have the "most chance" with him. She was quick to add that she knows there's a ~line~ for him, so "pipila po muna ako." LOL!

6. Law is her dream college course.

AC will be heading to college real soon, and her dream course is law! Her mom, however, wants her to take up something related to her career like business or arts to make the time management easier on her. She shared that if she does take up law in the future, she would have to stop her career and go back to Canada.

Watch AC's video below:

I GOOGLED MYSELF! (Answering Your Most Searched Questions About Me!) | AC Bonifacio


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