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An Honest Review Of 'Melting Me Softly'

The drama hits the spot in terms of Ji Chang Wook fan service!
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The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers 

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) is a passionate variety show director bent on airing a cryogenics experiment where subjects are frozen for 24 hours. Due to the lack of volunteers, he steps up as one of the candidates and convinces Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah), a struggling working student who consistently signs up for part-time variety show gigs when the price is right, to join him. Mysterious events take place when the experiment goes live leaving both characters frozen for 20 years. A twist of fate awakes them from their cryogenic sleep in 2019. Will they be able to catch up with the years they've lost, adjust to the new world around them, and survive the side effects from an experiment gone wrong?

The Short, Honest Plot 

This rom-com bridges the generation divide by exploring what age really is and how things like love and family transcend the passing of time.

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The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them 

Ji Chang Wook as Ma Dong Chan

K-drama heartthrob Ji Chang Wook is known for his hot guy next door looks, chiseled physique, and acting chops that can win you over in a heartbeat. He started to gain solid viewer admiration for historical drama Empress Ki, where he portrayed emperor Toghon Temür. His rise to fame was catapulted by action drama Healer. In it, he plays a "night courier" who falls in love with a girl he is hired to protect. You can also catch him in 2016 drama The K2 (as a former-soldier-turned-bodyguard Kim Je Ha) and in 2017 courtroom romance Suspicious Partner, where he takes on the role of a prosecutor bent on hunting down a serial murderer.

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Won Jin Ah as Go Mi Ran

Fairly new to K-Dramaland, actress Won Jin Ah has impressed viewers through roles in romance drama Rain Or Shine (opposite K-pop band 2PM's Lee Jun Ho) and medical series Life (which she headlined along with Lee Dong Wook and Cho Seung Woo).

Yoon Se Ah as Na Ha Yeong

This veteran actress is known for her roles in hit dramas A Gentleman's Dignity and SKY Castle. She also played a supporting role as nightclub owner Mari in Rain Or Shine together with Won Jin Ah.

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Did You Know? 

1. Melting Me Softly is Ji Chang Wook's first drama project after his army discharge in April 2019.

2. Three of the drama's cast members are K-pop idols! FT ISLAND's Lee Hong Gi plays the young version of wacky assistant director Son Hyun Gi. Rookie idol Choi Bo Min, from K-pop boy group Golden Child, is also part of the cast. He plays cutie freshman Hwang Ji Hoon (the son of Mi Ran's best friend Oh Young Seon and her first love Hwang Byun Shim). Former B1A4 member, Baro (who now goes by his real name Cha Sun Woo), adds to the drama's comedy scenes as the young version of Hwang Byun Shim.

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What I Think:

TBH, I (really, really, really) had high hopes for this drama. I watched it till the very end hoping that each new episode would save the drama from being ejected from my watchlist. It has a lot of heart and I do appreciate the effort that was put into it, but it saddens me that it fell short in terms of overall storytelling. As a viewer, I felt that the drama wasn't true to the genre it wanted to portray. It's a rom-com with mystery elements, but its comedic execution is not consistent storywise (the comedy scenes are not organic and punchlines come out very flat) and characterwise (for leads like Ma Dong Chan who surprisingly breaks away from his persona and becomes goofy from time to time).

Adding to the show's failure to meet expectations are its K-Dramaland clichés, which it was not able to mold into unique scenes that would make them different from what we already see in a lot of K-dramas.

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I'd Recommend It To:

  • Fans of Ji Chang Wook! The drama hits the spot in terms of fan service. Each episode is packed with Ji Chang Wook eye candy and scenes that highlight his visuals and undeniable charm.
  • K-drama fans who can compartmentalize and ignore plot inconsistencies for heart-fluttering scenes.