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We're Loving Andi Eigenmann's Positive Message As Lilo Learns How To Surf

Her advice applies to adults, too!
Andi Eigenmann shares positive message as Lilo Alipayo starts learning how to surf
PHOTO: Instagram/andieigengirl

It's been an exciting few days for Andi Eigenmann's daughter Lilo as she starts learning a new skill: surfing! Andi, Lilo, and the rest of their fam, Philmar Alipayo, Ellie Eigenmann, and Baby Koa, are back in Siargao, and we're glad to see them again on the island. 

In an IG post, the vlogger shared a positive and *powerful* message about how she's approaching Lilo's learning process.

"I find that a great way for little ones to learn a new skill is simply by letting them have a go at it!" Andi wrote in her post, which featured a video of Lilo paddling and balancing while on a surfboard.

Lilo Alipayo starts learning how to surf
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"Trust them as they explore their capabilities and support them as they push themselves to try," Andi added, noting that Lilo has been improving on her swimming skills daily, especially as she has playmates to make water activities more fun.

"It doesn't matter if they eventually opt to explore different things as they get older," Andi said. "That's what makes life more enjoyable, after all. But what a simple joy it is to see them love the life we are able to offer them. Not by force, but by nature."

Lilo Alipayo starts learning how to surf
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Hey, even we adults can take note of that, too! We're excited to see the new skills Lilo will learn.


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