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Andi Eigenmann Is Super *Proud* Of Her Stretch Marks: 'This body has done amazing things'

'I'm aware that it will never actually go away.'
PHOTO: Instagram/andieigengirl

Andi Eigenmann proudly shows her stretch marks wearing a white cropped top, as seen in her latest Instagram post.

In the photo, Andi is seen carrying her 10-month-old daughter with partner Philmar Alipayo, Lilo.

Andi admits in her caption that "maybe with the right angle and good lighting, (or with a super cute distraction like the one I'm carrying here LOL), it sometimes seems like it isn't there."

But the celebrity mom has fully embraced the fact that her stretch marks are a permanent part of her body now.   

"With consistent exercise, eating healthy, and some trusty argan oil, I believe it improved over time, but I'm aware that it will never actually go away."

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For her, these stretch marks are a reminder of how amazing a woman's body is.

Andi has had them since giving birth to her first daughter Ellie. While she may have found ways to conceal them, the stretch marks on her belly are still there.

But the Siargao-based actress underlines that it shouldn't stop mothers from wearing whatever they want.

"Just because we have these belly marks, doesn't mean we aren't allowed to wear your favorite cropped tops and bikinis anymore!

"I've grown to be more comfortable and proud of them because, hey, this body has done amazing things.

"It carried my two beautiful girls for nine months, and gave birth to them safely too!

"I hope you guys will realize that too."

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