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Fans Are Convincing Anne Curtis To Watch 'CLOY,' And We Fully Support This Cause

'Watch it and suffer with us.'
PHOTO: instagram/annecurtissmith

The Crash Landing On You bug has bitten almost everyone we know—and it looks like Anne Curtis is not far from being a CLOY fan, too! On February 6, the soon-to-be mom wrote on Twitter: "Sooooo I've been hearing a lot of things about Crash Landing On You...and I'm done with my docu stage. Should I start it? Should I start it? OR l just wait till it's done?"

Anne's It's Showtime co-host Karylle replied to her tweet, saying, "I know how much you hate watching ongoing shows [because] you like to marathon, butttttt there's a whole lot of us waiting for the next [episodes] so there's fun in that too.

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A Twitter user replied, "YOU SHOULD START IT NOW. IT'S CAPSLOCK PARA INTENSE." Another one said, "Watch it and suffer with us as we wait for the next [episode]."

One fan advised: "Though the Crash Landing On You vibe will still exist kahit tapos na ang series, iba pa rin yung FEELS at frustration sa paghihintay every week ng episode. And yung feeling na ikaw nauuna sa CLOY trend." 

Of course, some people told Anne to wait for it to finish airing so she wouldn't be bitin. People also urged her to watch the 2019 hit drama Hotel Del Luna

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In the end, Anne decided to watch HDL first, saying "Hindi ko kaya mag-wait" for Crash Landing On You.

Her latest tweet, which was posted today, reads: "Ordered myself a burger and fries and doughnuts from Uber eats and I'm about to start Hotel Del Luna. Maternity leave at its finest. Also, enjoying all the delicious unhealthy stuff before my husband gets here and back to yoghurt, vegetables, good fat, and protein ulit ako."

Happy binge-watching, Anne. We can't wait to hear your thoughts about Captain Ri and Se-ri soon! 

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