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Arci Munoz Watched BTS ~Up Close~ At The 'Jingle Ball' In LA

Jungkook even *POINTED* at her!!!
PHOTO: Instagram/ramonathornes

Arci Munoz (aka ~*the queen of "sana all"*~) was lucky enough to watch her ultimate boy group, BTS, again this time in LA. The Kapamilya actress was able to score tickets to KIIS FM's Jingle Ball where the K-pop supergroup performed a couple of their hits for American ARMYs. HOW. FREAKIN'. LUCKY.

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In three, two, one…SANA ALL!

Arci documented many fangirling moments at the event on Instagram and shared them with her followers. But what made her coverage even better was the fact that she got the chance to see the OT7 ~UP CLOSE~. Like, she was literally a few feet away from the boys!

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In a series of Instagram videos, Arci took clips the boys performing "Make It Right" with RM right in front of her and captured ~the moment~ Jungkook pointed at her. Writing in the caption, she said, "Yung ang tagal niyang nasa harapan ko. Tumigil ang mundo at feeling ko inaawitan nya lang ako. At one point nagkatitigan pa kami. Wow!! Haha Ayaw ko matapos yung moment na 'yon. Tapos tinuro ako ni Jungkook gusto ko himatayin!!!”

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Girl, how to live your life? Like, for reals, HOW?!?!

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