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Here's Why ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo Is Our New Bae

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/cha._.eun._.woo and INSTAGRAM/eunwoofcll

Meet Cha Eun Woo—he's a member of rising K-Pop group ASTRO, and he recently starred in the TV series My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Also, he visited the Philippines in October 2018 with the rest of the cast! 

There are so many qualities to love about this oppa and here are just some of them:

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Eun Woo is only 22 years old!

OMG, he's literally a bb. Eun Woo was born on March 30, 1997.

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He's got a lot of nicknames. So he should be okay if we gave him our own. *winks*

To name a few: "Morning Alarm," "Butt-Min," and "ManJjitNam!"

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People call him "ManJjitNam" because he looks like he literally came out of a comic book or an anime.  

Just. Look. At. That. Face.

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His character on My ID is Gangnam Beauty is cold and distant on the outside, but a real softie on the inside.

It tells the story of a girl who tries to live a new life after having plastic surgery. She meets Do Kyung Suk (Eun Woo) at college, and while everyone else thinks that appearances are important he thinks differently. Ugh, just look at this scene!

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His voice is irresistible!

Here's Eun Woo singing "Rainbow Falling" from the OST of My ID is Gangnam Beauty:

He makes THE BEST silly faces.

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And...this was Eun Woo as a kid: 

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