There's A *Ghostly* Connection Between 'Hi Bye, Mama!' And 'Hotel Del Luna'

'Hindi talaga tumawid si Ms. Choi sa river.'
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Who could forget the kindhearted head housekeeper from Hotel Del Luna, Choi Seo-hee? The character, who died during the Joseon era and held a grudge against her nobleman husband's family, was played by 45-year-old veteran actress Bae Hae Sun


In the ongoing show Hi Bye, Mama!, Hae Sun plays the role of a ghost AGAIN. According to Han Cinema, her character Seong Mi-ja is a ghost of a traditional family who died after sacrificing her entire married life to her in-laws. Aaand, guess what? She's doing the same thing even after death. 

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A K-drama fan page on Facebook pointed out the connection involving Hae Sun: "Multo na nga siya sa Hotel Del Luna multo pa rin siya sa Hi Bye, Mama!"

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One *witty* commenter even joked: "Hindi talaga siya tumawid sa river e. May taping pa ng Hi Bye, Mama!

Hi Bye, Mama!Kim Tae Hee's first drama in five years, tells the story of a ghost who is allowed to reunite with her husband and daughter for 49 days.

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Aside from these two dramas, Hae Sun appeared as a prosecutor in While You Were Sleeping (2017), and a neurologist in The Secret Life Of My Secretary (2018). 


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