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What You Need To Know About Kim Tae Hee's New Drama 'Hi Bye, Mama!'

It's her first drama in FIVE YEARS!
PHOTO: Netflix

South Korean star Kim Tae Hee is finally back in the K-drama scene after a five-year hiatus. The My Princess actress opted for a more private life in recent years with hubby Rain and their two children, but now she's starring in a brand new show called Hi Bye, Mama! Need a new show to fill in your binge nights? This might just be the one for you!

Hi Bye, Mama! Is Tae Hee's ~Comeback Drama~

Tae Hee last graced the small screen in 2015 with the action series Yong-pal. She then got married to her longtime boyfriend, K-pop superstar Rain, in 2017, and now they have two adorable daughters. So, what made Tae Hee consider starring in Hi Bye, Mama! after a five-year break? Well, it really has to do with its screenplay. In a press conference for the drama, Tae Hee spoke about how she could ~relate~ to the story: "I first came across this project last fall, and I related so much to the screenplay that I cried…It's a project with a really good message, and I wanted to share the realizations I had and the lessons I learned with the audience. The series includes material like death and ghosts, but it's bright, pleasant, and warm. I think viewers will be able to relate and gain comfort as well as healing."  

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What's It All About Then?

Hi Bye, Mama! is a comedy-drama with ~supernatural~ elements. According to Soompi, Tae Hee plays the character Cha Yu Ri, a woman who dies in a tragic accident. But for some reason, she's able to reunite with her husband and daughter. The catch? It's only for 49 days. And oh, did I mention, she comes back as a ghost?! Yu Ri can't cross over to the afterlife because she still has unfinished business in the real worldthat being her wish to hold her young daughter in her arms. *cue in the tears*

The Casting Of Tae Hee's Onscreen Daughter Is Super Interesting!

Tae Hee's daughter in the drama is actually played by male child actor Seo Woo Jin. The reason for his casting is because he "looks identical to Kim Tae Hee and because of his stable acting skills."

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So, When's It Showing?

Hi, Bye Mama! is actually ongoing! It premiered on February 22 on South Korea's tvN, replacing the hit drama Crash Landing On You. Two episodes are already out, and new ones are set to air every weekend. Good news: You can stream Hi, Bye Mama! on Netflix.

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