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10 Internet Personalities Who Made 2020 ~*More Bearable*~

They gave us THE BEST content this year!

2020 was *really challenging*: there's even a Black Mirror-esque movie about it called Death To 2020! A lot of us have been cooped up inside our homes with our families and phones, and Pinoy creators rose to the challenge and gave us THE BEST content during the pandemic. Here's a list of 10 internet personalities who made 2020 *more bearable*: 

1. "Auntie Julie" Macoy Dubs 

Macoy Averilla's Auntie Julie is your friendly neighborhood tita from Poveda who acts as if she's your barkada, calls everyone "anak," and knows practically everyone. She's never without her pearl earrings and is curious about TikTok and dating apps! 

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2. "Conyo Girl" Rain Matienzo 

College student Rain Matienzo is THAT girl who makes hilarious "Conyo Girl" skits! One of her earliest viral vids is when she impersonated Frankie Pangilinan and her "Chicken McDo" spiel. 

3. "Bhie" Marvin Fojas 

Marvin Fojas is *responsible* for the "Luh" catchphrase and the "Bhie" TikTok series, where he plays two teenage girls who call each other "bhie" but who don't really love each other that much. Find out more about his content creation ~journey~ here

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4. "Davao Conyo" Philip Hernandez 

Content creator Davao Conyo also joined the TikTok skit "wave" this year, and his videos are funny, socially relevant, and are accompanied by his iconic "sh*ta." 

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5. "Sassa Gurl"

Another internet personality with socially relevant content who made waves this year is Sassa Gurl, whose Pinoy Big Brother audition went viral. 

6. "AC's Life" Allan Soriano 

K-drama fan AC voices his opinions on Twitter, creates hilarious TikTok vids, and watches our fave dramas with us! He even makes Pinoy K-drama adaptation cast lists for fun: check out the Start-Up one here

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7. Inka Magnaye 

Inka Magnaye, who comes from a family of talented voice-over artists, went viral this year. She's the voice you hear saying, "Mabuhay! Welcome to Philippine Airlines," during PAL flights. Her mom Lindy Pellicer had the exact same job for the airline back in the '90s! 

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8. "Bessie" Jennylyn Mercado 

Jennylyn Mercado started becoming active on Twitter again this year, and one of her most iconic tweets goes, "Ang saya pala talaga sa Twitter. Huwag niyo na akong tawaging Jen, call me Bessie." She also shared her "progress" as she learned to use Twitter slang such as "spilling the tea," and  "tapakan mo ako," and once, she even asked Twitter to "add an edit button!" CUTIE. 

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9-10. Mama Lulu and Olly 

This Pinay tita and her son are the cutest people on the internet, mainly because Mama Lulu is quizzed by Olly on TikTok about different celebs—"from K-Pop stars, Hollywood actors, TikTok celebs, rappers, and even some Pinoy actors!" Here she is choosing between different Korean oppas:


Who Would You Rather Part 2: Korean Men Edition with my Mom. ##fyp ##foryou ##mom ##oppa

? original sound - otakoyakisoba


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