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Here Are The Best Scary Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

A list of the scariest horror movies on Netflix in 2020.
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I'm the type of person who covers my eyes and ears as soon as a horror film trailer pops up on my screen. Yet I also love scaring myself silly watching horror movies on Netflix. If you're a huge fan of the horror/suspense genre, look no further for spine-tingling, spooky content to keep you up at night. We asked readers in our Cosmo Community on Facebook for their recos on the scariest movie to watch on Netflix rn:


1. Creep (and Creep 2)

A "found footage" style horror film that follows a struggling videographer who accepts a job to travel to a remote cabin. Strange client + location in the middle of nowhere? Definitely horror movie warning signs, tbh.

3. Cadaver

A family desperate to survive the aftermath of a nuclear disaster find hope in the form of a charismatic hotel owner...but is he truly as kind as he seems?

4. Shutter

You probably won't be able to sleep after watching this Thai horror film about a hit-and-run accident, promise.

5. The Bridge Curse

What a solid twist—that's all we have to say about this Taiwanese scary movie. It will definitely make you think on those urban legends you grew up hearing about.

6. Alive

It's more suspenseful than scary (watch out for those jump scares), but it has zombies so it totally counts. Plus it stars Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye!


7. Eerie

Imagine all your Catholic high school horror stories being acted out in real life. Plus, Bea Alonzo AND Charo Santos-Concio in one film? Sign us up!

8. Ju-On: Origins

Watch this if you're a fan of The Grudge (which is also on Netflix, btw!). Warning: Expect lots of nakakadiri scenes.

9. Paranormal Activity 3

Just when you thought the sequel was the end of it, Paranormal Activity comes back with a third installment. The last ten minutes is just insane(ly creepy).

10. Veronica

Yet another movie showing why you should *never* take part in a séance—you never know what (or who) is on the other side. The film is in Spanish, so don't forget to turn on subtitles!

11. The Baby-Sitter

It's horror comedy and medyo campy, perfect if you're looking for a more lighthearted scare. Samara Weaving does an amazing job in it, like she always does.

12. Metamorphosis

Ever had days when you're just not feeling like yourself? Well, for this family, a face-changing evil spirit seeks to destroy the trust they have in each all means necessary. Korean film + horror content = this combination speaks for itself.

Bonus: Goedam

It's actually a Korean series and each episode is approximately 8-15 minutes long. Each episode is about a different urban legend.



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