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Check Out These 6 ~Deleted~ Scenes From 'BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky'

Which one's your fave?

Netflix really is the gift that keeps on giving. A week after BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky dropped on the streaming platform (and consequently made us all Blinks, LOL), they decided to share some exclusive ~deleted~ scenes from the docu. And better yet, there are SIX of them! Check them out below:

We're OBSESSED with BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky!

1. Jennie and Rosé in the recording booth talking about…pants! FYI, they both have the same pair but Jennie bought hers for only $15 while Rosé? Let's just say she spent WAY MORE than Jennie.

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2. Brand new info: Rosé and Lisa are each other's Instagram girlfriends. Now, where can we see those photos?

3. During their ~tea time~ sesh, Rosé and Lisa talked about how hard it was for them to adapt to the Korean culture as foreigners.

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4. So who knew that Rosé and Lisa fought A LOT when they were trainees? Now, they're total BFFs!

5. Official cat lady Lisa already has a number of cats of her own, but wants to adopt one more? Too cute.

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We're OBSESSED with BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky!

6. And here we have OT4 practicing their choreo for "Kill This Love"! Must add how Jisoo looks extra comfy in that rehearsal outfit.

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BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky is now streaming on Netflix.


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