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7 Korean Celebrities Who Made An *Iconic* Cameo In PSY's Music Videos

His comebacks are always highly-anticipated!
All The Korean Celebrities Who Made A Cameo In PSY's Music Videos
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An icon, a certified hitmaker, and a trendsetterPSY is undoubtedly a household name in the K-pop industry. Throughout the years, he released not just viral but also chart-topping songs that made the whole world dance. From "Gangnam Style" to "Gentleman," who would not recognize the impact he made through his music? PSY *conquered* the world with global hits that established his career. It's no wonder that even if he goes on a hiatus, his return will always make an impact!

The K-pop legend-turned-CEO just made his highly-anticipated comeback and what else can we say? It's definitely giving us the mood and vibe that we need! In his 21 years in the industry, he has proved again that he is a force in the K-pop space.

As we celebrate PSY's comeback, here are some Korean celebs who made a cameo in his music videos:

1. CL in "Daddy"

Yes, you read that right! The baddest female, CL, collaborated with her former labelmate in "Daddy" back in 2015. And ~oh, wait a minute~, it's not just a collaboration where we can hear the queen singing her verse: She also appeared in the music video and made an explosive entrance! It's so nice to see influential artists coming together in the name of music. Years later, this song is still the go-to bop track.


PSY - DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1) M/V

2. Ha Ji Won in "Daddy"

If you think that CL is the only special guest in "Daddy," PSY gave us another surprise with the esteemed Korean actress, Ha Ji Won. What a star-studded production! She appeared in the music video as a school teacher who gets offended by PSY's actions. From films to television series to music videos, we truly admire her acting prowess. Overall, let’s acknowledge that PSY was surrounded by powerful women in this one.

PSY - DADDY(feat. CL of 2NE1) M/V

3. BTS' Suga in "That That"

When two royalties meet, what do we expect? World domination! Serving as the title track for the album PSY 9th, "That That" did not disappoint in any way. Just when we thought Suga only produced and appeared as a featured artist, he made a cameo in the music video as a treat! Two kings serving us all the fun and showing us how it should be done—of course, we all ~like that~.

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PSY - 'That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)' MV

4. Hyuna in "Gangnam Style"

Who danced to this song that became a worldwide dance craze? As the lyrics say, we got one sexy lady who appeared in the music video and it's none other than the talented Hyuna. The cameo of the K-pop star made the music video even more remarkable. Almost a decade after and as of this writing, it has 4.4 billion YouTube views and still holds the record as the most-viewed K-pop music video.


5. Son Na Eun in "New Face"

Some of you may have visited the music video of "New Face" because you have seen the viral video of Lee Jong Suk dancing to the track. You have probably missed the cameo, so it's time to put the highlight on it! Not a ~new face~ in K-pop and is always a beautiful sight, Son Na Eun appeared as PSY's leading lady in the 2017 hit, "New Face." The visuals, dancing skills, and everything in between—all factors considered, Na Eun is definitely a stunner!


PSY - ‘New Face’ M/V

6. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain in "Gentleman"

Another iconic female K-pop idol that PSY featured in his music video is Gain. She made a cameo in "Gentleman" and we cannot just call it a simple appearance because she amazingly delivered. She served us with her powerful stage presence and undeniable talent! Fun fact: PSY actually purchased the dance copyrights for Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" and it served as the main dance in "Gentleman"!

Psy - Gentleman

7. Seo Woo in "Right Now"

Just in case you forgot, let us remind you that Seo Woo made an appearance in "Right Now." It might be a quick appearance but it left everyone with an unforgettable impact. The actress' appeal captured the attention of the viewers. PSY definitely loves to feature beautiful ladies in his music videos and Seo Woo is perfect to be part of the list.




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