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The Trailer For 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' Has Dropped And The Reactions Are Hilarious

It's so bad, it's brilliant!
PHOTO: Netflix

The trailer for this century's cheesiest Netflix Christmas film, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, has dropped and as expected it's so incredibly bonkers it's almost brilliant.

Before we treat you to how people have reacted to the trailer so far (there are so many gems), let's take you through the film's plot because it's quite something. Of course, The Royal Baby is the third film in the franchise. Like the previous two, it's also set in the fictional country of Aldovia and focuses on journalist-turned-Queen Amber and King Richard who, as the title suggests, are now expecting a baby.

However, the unborn baby is in danger of being cursed if an ancient treaty with fictional country Penglia isn't renewed by midnight on Christmas Eve. Annoyingly, a crucial document that will help sort this all out has gone missing. So, will Amber and Richard be able to protect their child from the ancient curse? We really hope so!

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This is basically how everyone reacted to the trailer:

  • "It's going to be so bad I'm SO READY."
  • "Why couldn't they have cast actual Aldovians in these roles? Shameful."
  • "Is it too much after the first two? Yes. Am I going to watch? Yes."
  • "This looks awful, I CAN'T WAIT to watch it!"
  • "I bet you never thought there would be three of these. But here we are."
  • "It's happening people! It's happening!!!!"
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    So, the general consensus is that we all know it's going to be beyond terrible, but we're all going to watch it anyway because...CHRISTMAS. Mark December 5 in your diaries, people.


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