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Cosmo Online Hunk Andre Justin: Bold And Honest Bad Boy

We're making our featured stud spill everything on his final week. And, we'll show you what you've all been waiting for: his shirtless photos!

We're pulling out all the stops on Andre Justin's final week as October Cosmo Online Hunk. If you think his past three interviews were revealing and eye-opening, wait 'til you read his last, no-holds-barred interview below. And, if you think we'll let his stint end without you seeing the much-awaited shirtless shots, you're mistaken! Of course we know you want that, so we're giving in this week!

We've talked to Andre about dating, what he thinks of women's fashion, and falling in love. Now, he bares his heart and mind on topics like wrong assumptions we make of men, why a woman can’t change a man, and how guys could fake entire relationships! Read on for his full interview, and click through the HOT photo gallery after.

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done with a girl?

The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done with a girl is probably make out in front of her parents (laughs). Honestly, why? It wasn’t my decision. Um, rebellious girl wanted to prove something to her parents and I agreed with her.

What’s the worst thing you’ve done to a girl?

The worst thing I’ve ever done is break a girl’s heart. That’s the worst thing you can ever do. But honestly, I’ve done that, um, but, you make mistakes in life, you know, and hopefully, if you mature enough, you learn from them. That’s where I have learned from.

Do you have any bad habits?

I catch myself, I don’t know if it’s a bad habit, but I catch myself biting my lip...a lot. So it might seem like maybe I’m trying to be sexier, but I just always catch myself biting my lip all the time (laughs) when I’m stressing.

Do you have any x-rated fantasies you can share with us?

I think that for any normal guy who’s never been in an x-rated video, I think the number one fantasy is to be with two women at one time. Regardless of the details, but just the thought of being with two women at the same time, that’s a huge turn-on. You know, for a fantasy... not for everyday life (laughs).

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

I’m trying to think of something… Have I done anything dangerous? Yeah, a lot! I have snuck into an auditorium, like an auditorium in Los Angeles at night, because this girl wanted to go hang out and see what it is like when they have concerts and stuff like that. That was pretty dangerous. I like skydiving and bungee jumping, stuff like that.

What’s your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is having all the success and fame and money, and no one to share it with. Yeah, that’s my biggest fear. There’s no life worth living unless you can share it with a family.

What are the not-so-nice but dead-on assumptions you’ve heard about men?

It's that when a guy has certain bad habits or bad traits, they will always stay the same. For me, personally, I believe that when someone behaves a certain way, you can’t change that. That will always stay, those bad habits or those bad traits. Another bad thing about men is that, for the most part, they’re, like, disgusting--hygiene-wise, you know, so weird (laughs). I’m really a clean guy, I care a lot about my hygiene stuff. [But] a lot of guys are really disgusting, you will be surprised how many people don’t shower or wash their hands (laughs).

Do you think a girl can change a guy? Do you think it's right for her to do that?

I don’t think it’s ever right for you to change anyone, because when you apply pressure on someone to change, they won’t change willingly, they don’t wanna change bad habits about themselves. They’re only changing because they want to please you, you know, even if it’s for the right reasons. For example, if you want your boyfriend to quit smoking, you should never want him to quit because of you, you should want him to quit because he understands why you want him to quit.

You said this in one of your interviews for Cosmo: "Girls can fake orgasms, but guys can fake entire relationships." What do you mean by that?

That means that guys will always do certain things, not because they want to, but because they want to please their partner. Whether it’s like finding a job or doing chores, stuff like that. They don’t want to do those things. So girls can fake orgasms in the bedroom, but guys actually can fake what they really want to do or what they don’t want to do, you know, whether spending time with family or hanging out with their girlfriend’s friends. You know, guys can fake all that stuff. Personally, that’s what I think.

They say guys will do anything to get into a woman's pants. Just how far will men go to do that?

To the end of the universe. If a girl gives a guy any kind of sentiment that they’re into them or they’re not into them, guys will always try their best to achieve what they can--whether that’s [to make you] fall in love [with them] or for them to get into your pants. You know, guys will--if they have money--buy endless things and, you know, make you feel certain ways and lie about themselves to appear a certain way, just so you’ll fall in love with them or you know, that we’ll get into your pants, you know.

Let's play "True or False." Tell us whether the following statements ring true for you or not:

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  • "Tough guys are actually soft on the inside."
    I think that’s true. I think regardless [of whether] you’re tough or not, guy or girl, I think everyone has a soft spot. It’s just that you need to know where the level is and how to find where it is.

  • "Guys who cheat shouldn’t be given a second chance."
    Very true. I think once a cheater, always a cheater, regardless of what they tell you, what they say, or what they try to do. That goes both ways, guys and girls.

  • "If she’s absolutely gorgeous, you can forgive stupidity."
    No, you can’t. People who are beautiful shouldn’t be given exceptions just because they got lucky in the gene pool. You know, whether you’re gorgeous or not, you shouldn’t be excused for anything.

  • "Bad boys just need to meet the right woman."
    Um, I think that’s true. You need to meet your match in life. You need to meet someone who’s willing to challenge you, whether you’re bad or good. You know, so bad boy meets the bad girl? A good challenge will suffice.

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Outfit: Shirt, Penshoppe. Jacket, Forever 21 Men. Jeans, Folded and Hung. Shoes, Boxfresh in Bauhaus.

Sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Interview by Dawn Niekamp
Assisted by Jico Joson

Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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