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Cosmo Online Hunk Ari Salud: Debonair Date

What does this college heartthrob look for in a date? Imagine if it were YOU--visualize through this gallery.
You’ve seen Cosmo Online Hunk Ari Salud in his element as an athlete, dressed up in argyle as a geek, and channeling casual cool in jeans and a T-shirt. And we know you’ve been charmed by him every single week--who wouldn't, with that swoon-worthy smile? Now we’re turning him into the ultimate dreamboat on his final week as our Online Hunk!

As we chatted up this college cutie, we found out that he’s a leg man, goes for demure dames, and—well, we’ll just let you read on to find out what else Ari looks for in a girl! You just might fit the bill!

What attracts you to a girl when you first meet?

I look at siyempre the face, the hair, and the legs. (Laughs)

How about when it comes to her personality?

I like [girls who are] down-to-earth, [with] pretty much the same characteristics I value. May principles and values education. Simple.

Does a girl have to be from Ateneo, too, for you to date her?

No naman. I’m thinking nga baka better [na hindi] e. Pero baka hindi mabantayan. Joke lang! (Laughs)


Maraming stories kasi e. I have friends who have girlfriends in other schools. Tapos may maririnig na lang na reports na may other guy siya roon. So parang napraning lang ako.

So you want someone you can keep an eye on.

Parang hindi rin e. Ayoko magkasawaan kami.

How important is intellect in a girlfriend?

Well, my mom requires her to be smart. For me, it’s something that turns me on, when I find out na smart din pala. That’s something that adds to [the attraction].

How do you consider one smart?

‘Yung street-smart because it makes her independent, which is what I like din. And ‘yung book-smart. A combination of the two.

Is it important to you to have your parents’ approval when you’re dating someone?

Yeah. I think it really affects when you have your parents’ approval.

What do you like to see a girl wear?

Short shorts.

Because you like to see legs.

Yeah, exactly.

What’s the worst thing a girl can do on a date?

Siguro laugh too loud. I like demure girls.

Name five things that confuse you most about girls.

1. You don’t know what they want talaga. They won’t tell you.
2. Why do they always go to the bathroom in pairs or in groups?
3. How they fight. When they fight kasi it’s different e, psychological. Naaaliw ako when they fight. ‘Yung taas kilay, ‘yung rolling of the eyes… Kakaiba!
4. When they tell you okay naman pero in reality there’s something wrong.
5. They almost never [make] the [first] move.

Don’t worry, when you get older you’ll meet more confident girls.

Shot on location at Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City
Hair and makeup by Kate Hernandez
Styled by Happy Lopez
Suit and slacks from Topshop. Shirt from Navarro.
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