Cosmo Online Hunk Nico Ibaviosa: Hot Property

Think you know every juicy bit about this hot showbiz sweetheart? Guess again. On the last week of Daring Month, we reveal his answers to our daring questions.

In the spirit of Cosmo's Daring Month, we brought you hot half-naked shots of our online hottie Nico Ibaviosa. From the pool, to the bathroom, and later to the shower, you saw Nico's lean swimmer body in all its toned glory. So what's left to show, you ask? A set of provocative photos, with Nico wearing nothing...but a towel.

We're also saving the best questions for last, so in the last segment of our fun interview with this smart hunk, he spills his hidden desires, secrets, and daring acts of love. He also tells Cosmo how he keeps his relationship of six years (and counting) happy each day. This may be Nico’s last week as Cosmo’s Online Hunk, but you may still catch this dude every Sunday on TV5 in his comedy show called BFGF.

What are your hobbies and special talents?
I’m into long boarding. I’ve been long boarding since last year. So, it’s long boarding and swimming. I’ve been swimming since I was 2. So I guess that’s a hobby and talent. I play the guitar as well, I sing sometimess in the shower, and I dance in the shower.

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Name one surprising thing about you, one that very few know about.

Um, well, most of my friends know this, but then, I’ve been eating chicken since, like, when I was maybe grade 6. It’s been my baon since forever, and up to now, halos everyday, chicken pa rin ako. So I’m a big fan of chicken.

What do you think makes you hot?
Well, I don’t know, my brain? My dimple? Maybe. I don’t know.

What are you most insecure about?
Since I’m in UP (University of the Philippines), I guess it’s how smart I am. Because once you pass the UPCAT you tell yourself, "Wow I’m smart enough." But when you get there, when you’re actually there, you’re not (laughs). So it’s hard to tell yourself that you’re smart, when you’re at the bottom part of the class and everyone else is doing really, really well.

What part of your body are you most proud of? Why?
My dimples? Well, I don’t know. No, my brain, since I take pride in being in UP Diliman right now. And of course, it’s something that I wouldn’t have want to put to waste. So I guess it’s my brain (laughs).

What part of your body do you like to be kissed?
Saan pa ba, mouth lang; lips.

How about touched?

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Touched? Uh, my hand.

What's the most daring thing you've ever done in life?
Most daring thing...I’d probably say this Cosmo shoot that I just did.

What's the most daring thing you've ever done for love?

For love… I don’t know, uh, wala siguro.

Are you okay with an open relationship--there's no commitment, you can see other girls, she can see other guys?

You're in a relationship for six years now, how do you keep a relationship still always exciting?
Well for me, I just take it per day. Try not to have too much expectations, 'cause it’s nice when you [discover] something each day, not expecting anything; you get disappointed much less. For me that’s how I stay happy.

What's the sweetest moment you remember having in a relationship?
Well, there are a lot I guess. It’s hard. There’s no sweetness to them, there are a lot of sweet moments but I just can’t gather.

What's the most daring thing a girl has ever done for you?
I don’t think [there's] one.

What will you do if your family disapproves of a relationship?
Well, if it’s worth it, I’d fight for it. I’ll explain to my family, with all my heart and my might. And I’ll explain to them why this relationship is good for me. I’ll explain it like a man should.

If your girlfriend asks you to quit showbiz, what would you do?
I’d have a long talk with her. I’ll take it from there.

What was the most painful breakup you've had?
I’ve never been in a breakup.

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