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Cosmo Online Hunk Ryan Chester: Doing Yoga

A single, hunky British yoga instructor who wears nothing but trunks in class? Sign us up!

Ryan Chester, Cosmo’s very first Online Hunk, is hot, handsome, and…healthy. Yep, you can’t get any fitter than this. Think toned arms and abs, and a very, very flexible body—all thanks to the wonders of Bikram Yoga, which Ryan has been teaching in the Philippines for almost two years now. His flexible assets aside, Ryan will win you over with his great personality, sparkling wit, cute dimples, and a muscular, lean physique, which he also got from practicing muay thai.

This hunk was born in the UK, found yoga in Canada, and lucky for the ladies, brought his practice to the Philippines. If you’d like to see this yoga hottie in the flesh, head for the Bikram Yoga Manila studio in Salcedo Village, Makati. Just be ready for some hot, sweaty action, since Bikram Yoga, also known as Hot Yoga, is practiced in a heated, humid room. And with a teacher like Ryan, it’s bound to get steamier.

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We got up close and personal with our Online Hunk.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

Around four years. I’ve been teaching for two, three years.

How did you get into yoga?

My ex-partner at the time got a job working at a yoga studio. I got a discount [to do yoga there], so I just kept going to yoga and eventually [did] the instructor training. Then it just snowballed from there and the opportunity came to go to Manila to teach.

Where were you then?

Never in England did I do yoga before. Just in Canada. It’s more popular in Canada, the West Coast in the US, and in North America. The opportunity came here. Things didn’t work out for me in Canada, so here we are.

How does it feel to be doing the thing you love—yoga—for a living?

It’s cool. If you can do a job that you actually enjoy doing and you’re not like, “Oh my God, I gotta go to work today,” half the battle of life [is over]. It’s a job you actually look forward to [doing]. Sometimes I’m really tired and I don’t want to teach. But I’m not dreading going to teaching.

You wear trunks when you teach yoga. Don’t you feel conscious at all?

No. What’s the point in wearing these big baggy board shorts? It’s just gonna get in the way. You’ll constantly roll them up out of the way. You’ll just hold sweat and stuff like that. You’re gonna get hotter. I teach Hot Yoga, so the more clothes you wear, the hotter you become. So less is more. Sometimes I’m the person who’s least dressed in the whole class, and I’m just teaching.

Have you always been that confident about the way you look?

I guess as I got older, I just [realized that] I am what I am. You gotta love yourself before anyone else can love you.

Are most of your students female?

Yeah, majority.

Did any of your female students ever flirt with you?

S’yempre! With my man’s radar I can tell who’s flirting with me and who’s not.

Did any of them ever ask you out?

The Philippines is very reserved. It’ll [take] a very outgoing girl [to] approach you and actually ask you out. They’re not really that forthcoming. Also if they’re attracted me, and maybe I could say, “Do you wanna go out?” that may be rude. I might be reading her wrong. But I don’t think they’re [ever] gonna [ask] me.

More photos of Ryan Chester and another interview will be uploaded next week, only here on!

Shot on location at Bikram Yoga Manila in Tomas Morato, 5th Level, CKB Centre.

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