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All The 'Stairway To Heaven' References In Choi Ji Woo's 'Crash Landing On You' Cameo

Kwon Sang Woo wore an identical beanie!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Crash Landing On You/tvN, (RIGHT) Stairway To Heaven/SBS

WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Episode 13 of Crash Landing On You! Don't read if you haven't seen this episode yet!

ICYMI, Choi Ji Woo's much-awaited Crash Landing On You cameo finally happened in Episode 13! In the show, Se-ri (Son Ye Jin) asks Joo Muk (Yoo Soo Bin) to run some ~errands~ for her. What he doesn't know is that she'd arranged for him to have lunch with his favorite K-drama actress Choi Ji Woo, who starred in Stairway To Heaven

The drama, which made a lot of us shed buckets of tears in 2003, tells the story of childhood sweethearts Jung-suh (Choi Ji Woo) and Song-joo (Kwon Sang Woo). They are separated when Song-joo leaves to study abroad. On the night of his return to Korea, Jung-suh is hit by a car and is believed to be dead by Song-joo. But, as it turns out, Jung-suh just lost her memory and has started a new life with a different identity. 

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Back to CLOY: During Choi Ji Woo's brief but meaningful cameo, several Stairway To Heaven references stood out: 

THAT red beanie. 

Kwon Sang Woo wore an almost identical beanie during a scene in an ice skating rink! Even the rabbit patch matches Joo Muk's. 

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The way Joo Muk pulled the beanie down. 

During his ~date~ with Choi Ji Woo, Joo Muk lowered his beanie in front of his face to hide his tears. This is similar to Kwon Sang Woo's iconic scene from the 2005 MBC drama Sad Love Story! The actor also did this *move* in Stairway To Heaven

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And, of course, that Stairway To Heaven line. 

When Choi Ji Woo asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell her, Joo Muk started, "You said those who love each other will always meet again, right? No matter how far you are…" and Choi Ji Woo finished the sentence for him by quoting, "You'll always come back to each other." 

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