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'Crash Landing On You' Is About To Become A Musical And We're *Screaming* Right Now

Can you imagine BinJin attending the premiere??
crash landing on you musical
PHOTO: crash landing on you/netflix

Omo, this is such great news! Production companies Pop Music and T2N Media are working on a musical adaptation of the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You, according to a report by Soompi. Fans of the show are ecstatic, and are joking that they're saving up for a Seoul plane ticket as early as now (TBH, same)! 

Here's everything we know about the musical (so far): 

What's the plot of Crash Landing On You ~The Musical~?

Since it's going to be an adaptation, it's a safe *guess* that the plot will be pretty much the same: A South Korean heiress name Yoon Se-ri accidentally lands in North Korea after she goes paragliding, and she meets a soldier, Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, who helps her return to her home country!

Joining the fun are Captain Ri's fiancée Seo Dan and Se-ri's ex-boyfriend Alberto Gu. We also meet Captain Ri's adorable band of soldiers and his gossipy neighbors who later become Se-ri's friends. 

crash landing on you ramen couple
crash landing on you/netflix

crash landing on you ramen couple
crash landing on you/netflix
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Who's starring in it? 

Soompi reports that according to Pop Music CEO Kim Jin Seok, they've "concluded the deal for the publication rights" with Studio Dragon and they will be choosing the main staff and cast soon. While it doesn't seem likely that real-life couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will be starring in it, we are super looking forward to seeing the two of them at the musical's premiere night! 

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Crash Landing On You couple photo
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When will CLOY The Musical arrive onstage? 

The musical is scheduled for a 2022 premiere in Seoul. But if you absolutely cannot wait for the musical (and the cast recording) to arrive, why not listen to the drama's OST? You could also re-watch Crash Landing On You, which is available for streaming on Netflix. 


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