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Cute Clubbers At The Paul Van Dyk Gig

Hot men flocked to the world-renowned DJ’s one-night-only gig--where we ambushed them with this question: What fault can't you forgive?
Clubbers worship the ground Paul van Dyk walks on, and who wouldn't? Besides dishing out chart-topping dance singles and snagging numerous musical accolades, PVD has made it to the top spot of DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs worldwide poll twice, in 2005 and 2006. So when Bigfish brought the dance music legend back to the Philippines on October 13, Tuesday, at A. Venue Events Hall in Makati, sure enough, Manila’s beat-loving boys came flocking!

While PVD spun his magnificent mixes, we diligently scoured the crowd for hunky, fun-loving guys who opted to spend the weeknight out partying. Just to jolt them out of their clubbing reverie, Cosmo couldn’t resist asking them this burning question: “What fault can’t you forgive?” Luckily, the guys were more than happy to get candid!150
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