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Doug Kramer Reveals He Recently Suffered From A Stroke

'How could a healthy guy like me go through something like this at such an early age?'
PHOTO: Instagram/dougkramer44

Basketball star Doug Kramer recently revealed his secret bout with a mild stroke last month. Posting a lengthy, two-part message on Instagram, Doug, 33, recounted his experience with the unexpected ordeal he and his family had to go through.

“Been wanting to open up about it. And finally I can. Yes, October 10 I had a mild stroke after doing an exercise at home. I felt extreme dizziness and lost my balance. I never passed out or fainted. In fact I remember everything that happened clearly. I was confined in the hospital for six days. After the results of the MRI were found, the cause of the mild stroke was the priority. I was thinking, how could a healthy guy like me go through something like this at such an early age? After an important 2D ECHO checkup of the heart and a Transesophageal Echocardiogram, they did find a miniscule congenital (was born with it) hole in my heart and doctors concluded that it was the cause of the clot.

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After going through the procedure to close the hole in his heart, the PBA star was told he could not play basketball for three to six months to recover from his surgery. Doug—albeit assuring the public that he’s on the road to recovery—couldn’t help but feel emotional about the situation.

He says, “I reflected and cried, not because of what happened, but because I saw how God's favor was upon me and how He was possibly protecting me from something worse in the future. It was frustration then gratitude. Without a doubt, it was a blessing in disguise. 

When all of this happened, I really thought of my family—how Chesca had to take care of me, and thinking Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin are still so young. I'm so blessed that through modern technology and great doctors, I'm able to still play in the right time and most importantly to still enjoy every moment with my beautiful family.”

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He ended his message by shedding light to fellow PBA players and athletes to not take their health for granted and to take their mandatory medical checkups seriously. “It can definitely save a person's life once you've found out early,” he says.

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