10 Moments We Can't Wait To See In The 'Four Sisters And A Wedding' Prequel

A lot of them involve Bobbie (of course).
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Our fave Pinoy family movie, Four Sisters And A Wedding, is finally getting a prequel! It's going to be called Four Sisters Before The Wedding and will show the Salazar siblings Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Alex (Angel Locsin), Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), and CJ (Enchong Dee) during their teenage years. 

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The prequel's cast includes Charlie Dizon as Teddie, Alexa Ilacad as Bobbie, Gillian Vicencio as Alex, and Belle Mariano as Gabbie. And because we're SUPER EXCITED about the film, here are 10 moments we can't wait to see in it: 

  1. That moment where "Mama" (Coney Reyes) came home with bags from Divisoria and Bobbie wasn't allowed to pick before Teddie—kasi si Teddie yung panganay.
  2. Yung valedictorian si Bobbie tapos ang dami-dami niyang medals. But guess what? Mama still praised Teddie instead of her! 
  3. That scene where Mama scolded Bobbie for eating the food she reserved for Teddie. 
  4. How Alex became the "black sheep" of the family, and why she's the one with the least medals and accolades in the family's ~Wall Of Fame~. 
  5. Yung college days nila: Bobbie as the only sister studying in Ateneo and the rest of the siblings in UP! 
  6. How Bobbie met rakista Chad (Bernard Palanca), how he proposed to her with the "Bobbie" song, and how they eventually broke up.  
  7. When and how Bobbie decided to move to New York para tulungan yung family niya
  8. Kung paano naging si Alex and Chad. And how Bobbie and Alex's *rift* started. 
  9. CJ and Princess' (Angeline Quinto) first meeting and how they got engaged! 
  10. The closeness between CJ and Gabbie, the two youngest Salazars! 
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