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Frankie Pangilinan On Her Bikini Photos: 'It's my body, my tiger stripes and all'

She recalls opening up to her parents, Sharon Cuneta and Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan.

Last month, Frankie Pangilinan posted cute bikini photos from a Boracay trip, which her mom, Sharon Cuneta, commented on. “Don’t show too much, my Baba! Hahaha! But lookin’ good, my baby! Miss you. I love you so much!” Frankie replied, “Missed you, Mama.”

On the latest episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda, Frankie clarified that her mom and dad Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan didn’t get mad over the photos. “I kind of had this conversation with my parents. I think it depends also on the intent of the photo. My only intent with this photo is that I’m at the beach. It’s my body, my tiger stripes and all. If girls can’t feel comfortable in their own body and if girls aren’t allowed to do what they want with their body, what kind of world am I growing up in?”

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But she understood why her mom commented on the photos, and it’s all good. “Obviously, Mama’s just being protective. I love her very much. I understand, of course, the culture.” 

Watch her interview clip below, where she also talks about her “personal hesitations” about the K-pop industry.

Frankie revealed that she’s recording new songs that will be ready for release by the time she starts college in New York this coming semester. “In a way, I’m going to be there, but my soul will still be here.”

She also sang one of her mom’s famous songs, “Mr. DJ,” on the show.

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