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Fans Are Saying 'Girl From Nowhere' Episode 3 Is Based On This *Disturbing* True Story

Instead of four victims, the real incident involved nine.
Is Girl From Nowhere's Episode 3 Based On A True Story?

If you've finished watching Season 2 of Girl From Nowhere, here's some disturbing information for you: fans seem to have pinpointed the real-life incident which inspired the episode "Minnie And The Four Bodies." In previous interviews, Girl From Nowhere star KITTYCHICHA shared that all episodes of the show are based on actual news reports. 

What happened in Girl From Nowhere's "Minnie And The Four Bodies?"

Okay, here's a quick recap: In Episode 3 of Girl From Nowhere, a rich and spoiled teen named Minnie (Patricia Good) is driving and she accidentally runs over four of her schoolmates. Minnie's influential family does everything in their power to protect her from getting punished. 

Girl from nowhere true story: Minnie and the four bodies
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Here's the disturbing incident that's eerily familiar to "Minnie And The Four Bodies:" According to a news report by Khaosod English, a student from an elite family named Orachorn "Praewa" Thephasadin Na Ayudhya "drove her car into a Thammasat University van on December 27, 2010, killing nine people." Several others were also wounded. There was even a popular hashtag about the case which roughly translates to "Praewa and 9 bodies." 

Praewa was 16 years old at that time and the article adds that she became "a symbol of the wealthy and powerful avoiding jail after committing serious crimes" because she only had to serve 138 hours of community service after what happened. Since the incident, Praewa reportedly changed her name twice and got married. In 2019, victims and their families also revealed that they did not receive a sincere apology from Praewa herself and that they had not been compensated for the death of their relatives and their injuries, as ordered by the court. 

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Below is a Thai news report about Praewa's case: 

Girl From Nowhere tells the story of a mysterious *being* called Nanno who transfers to different schools and exposes the dark secrets of students and its faculty. The second season dropped this month and the show is currently number one on Netflix Philippines

girl from nowhere true story
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