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10 Cool Girl Poses To Try, According To Hwasa

Channel your inner queen.
Hwasa's Instagram Poses
PHOTO: (Instagram/_mariahwasa)

Just after five months since she's joined Instagram, Hwasa has been posting ~quality content~ on her social media accountand by quality, we mean how she exudes so much confidence and power. The MAMAMOO member shows us a glimpse of what her celebrity life is like, and also gives us a peek into the behind-the-scenes. In short, ~we like it, everybody likes it~.

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If you’re on the lookout for new poses to try with your new #OOTD, take a cue from our kween:

1. Here’s how you can show your love for your workout clothes and your favorite pastime: Watching videos on your phone.

2. Nothing beats the hand-on-hips pose, tbh.


3. Show your best features along with the small details, like your fave accessories.

4. Stare at the camera and allow the audience to stare at you.

5. You can be a queen and still have fun in between.

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6. A new manicure (or lippie!) calls for a selfie, of course.

7. Make your legs look longer by tilting to one side. Looks best when you’re wearing your high heels!

8. Mirror selfies never get old!


9. Let your newest post be the comeback everyone’s been waiting for.

10. The spotlight’s on yougo show them how it’s done.

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