Instagram Now Lets You 'Like' Comments And Remove Followers

Delete your ex, girl.
PHOTO: Pixabay

Can we all just admit that Instagram is the ~*queen*~ of social media right now? Not only has it made a lot of bold moves in trying to make the Internet a safer community, it also came out with a bunch of cool, new features this year! 

Remember back in September when trolls attacked Sofia Richie while she was dating Justin Bieber, and the Biebs permanently deleted his account? Shortly after, Instagram released a new tool that lets users compile a list of words that are automatically blocked from their comment section. Instagram – 1, bullies – 0!

We were also introduced to Instagram Stories! We don’t know about you, but we almost ditched Snapchat because of it. You can tag other users, post Boomerang clips, and even add links on it! 

Next: disappearing photos—yet another way for Instagram to compete with Snapchat. You can now send self-destructing shots to other users or groups. (See: nudes.) And ICYMI, when you try to take a screenshot of a disappearing photo someone sent you, they get notified! So don’t be a dick, and respect the nudes you just received.

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But the year isn’t over yet; Instagram has two more surprises. You can now “like” a specific comment the way you would an Instagram photo by tapping the heart right next to it. And finally, users with private accounts who’ve previously approved follow requests only to find out you can’t take that shit back (unless you block them)—well, now you can.

So go ahead, girl—delete your slimy ex off your Instagram, and never look back! 

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