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Instagram Now Lets You Add Tags, Boomerang Clips, And Links To Your Stories

Step aside, Snapchat!
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Instagram’s Stories feature was introduced three months ago, and the Internet’s first reaction was that it was a Snapchat rip-off. But while you were sleeping, Instagram launched a few updates that finally set stories apart from snaps—and we’re thrilled.

You can now tag people in your stories! All you need to do is type “@username” like how you do in captions and comments. When someone taps on that person’s username, they’ll be able to visit his or her profile via a pop-up!

By now, you’re probably familiar with Boomerang (a separate app), but in the latest update, you’ll be able to access it within Instagram. When you open Stories, you’ll have two camera options: Normal and Boomerang. You can even switch the camera mid-shot, and zoom in while recording!

The last feature isn’t available for everyone yet, but some users can now add links to their stories. At the top-center, there’ll be a white “link” icon where people can attach hyperlinks. Tapping the icon will take you to an “Add Link” page. After you add your desired URL, you’ll be able to preview the link you’ve just attached or you can simply add it directly.

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Mind blown.

All hail the 'gram! 

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