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8 Jessi Songs To Hype You Up Before Her Concert In Manila

Lights, camera, action: We see you, Jessi!
8 Jessi Songs You *Must* Listen To If You’re A New Fan
PHOTO: Instagram/jessicah_o

Whether you’re a K-pop fan or not, there’s almost no chance that you haven’t heard Jessi’s “Zoom” yet. You hear it in malls, you hear it in random videos as the background music, and of course, it must have passed by your TikTok ‘for you page’ at least once. I’m sure you probably all know the dance to it, too!

Due to her recent song “Zoom” becoming viral on TikTok and various music platforms, Jessi attracted and gained more fans, especially the younger generation. Some of you may know a couple of her hit songs like “NUNU NANA” and “Who Dat B”, but we have more hidden gems in store for you! Through these songs, you will be able to dive deep into who Jessi is as an artist—someone who is capable of expressing herself on a wide spectrum of emotions, it will keep you guessing what image she will portray next when she releases a new song.


Here are eight Jessi songs that you should add to your playlist:

1. “Unpretty Dreams”

Jessi joined the Show Me The Money spin-off, Unpretty Rapstar, in 2015 and finished as the first runner-up. She went this far to turn her dreams into reality, and she momentously rapped about her journey through “Unpretty Dreams." Her performance of the song in the show was *legendary* as she tells her story to the audience and the crowd cheered for her, creating a deep ~connection~ between her and the viewers. Jessi somehow tells us through this song that no matter how challenging the path you took might be, it will be all worth it once your time has come when you’re finally living your dream.

“Nothing changed, I’m still the same

The world is smiling at me

I’ve waited, I’ve waited

For the sun to rise

My tears gathered to be an ocean

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No matter how dangerous, I’ll keep walking

Once again, even if time passes, I’ll keep walking”

[Unpretty Rapstar] ep.07: Jessi(??) - Unpretty Dreams @Semi-Final

2. “Excessive Love”

Because Jessi is always true to herself and confident in her own skin, it transcends into her work. She is able to express various emotions that keep her fans curious as to what side of Jessi she will show next. “Excessive Love” is one of the few songs that were produced early in her career as a singer. She was able to convey the lingering feelings after a breakup, filled with regrets and unable to move on.

“The start of my love was fire, the end was tears

It was all like a war, memories were strong like the ocean

The past is like a ghost, only sadness is reality”

[M/V] (Excessive Love) - (Jessi)

3. “All I Need… - 1-2 Step English Version”

Jessi’s debut album Get Up in 2005 showed her 90s R&B and hip-hop side. Through this song, she made us realize that no matter how much you treasure a person, certain circumstances will have you part ways. It leaves you no choice but to let life be. Although times may come when that person you cherish would still cross your mind, you both know well enough that going your separate ways would still be the best option for the both of you.


“There’s not always a reason for the things in life (Life can be unfair)

And sometimes you’ve gotta let love just slide (I need to move on, but boy)

I know it’s gonna be hard but I’ll pull through or I’ll never get over loving you”

All I Need... 1-2 Step English Version

4. “Gucci”

Jessi is an *icon* of women empowerment. Sometimes, the world can be a cold and bitter place to live in. In moments like this, we need someone like Jessi to make us keep our heads up. She is one of the unbothered queens a lot of women look up to. The song “Gucci” is perfect to make you feel confident and ~expensive~. Hey, a little attitude won’t hurt anybody!

“’Cause I’m self-made

Ain’t nobody ever made me

I’m in the party going crazy

This is like a movie

And I feel like Gucci”


[MV] Jessi _ Gucci

5. “Numb”

This b-side ultimately became the fans’ favorite. Jessi said Jebbies (her official fandom name) have been wanting her to sing a song like Numb, which is far from her rap and hip-hop forte to showcase her gorgeous and raw vocals. The music video showed stunning visuals and Jessi’s stellar acting skills. In the Numb music video BTS, she explained that the song talks about a woman who plays hard to get on weekdays and parties on the weekends, thus, making the song not an entirely sad one.

“’Cause the weekend is my free time

The weekend is my girl’s night

The weekend is the reason I’m alive”

Jessi (??) - 'Numb' MV

6. “STAR”

If you want to know Jessi’s roots and how she rose to stardom, STAR is the perfect track to listen to. Jessi said in Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook that the song is the story of her life, and whenever she tries to sing this song, she feels like bursting into tears. This goes the same way to the listener because of you listen to it, it will also make you feel every bit of emotion Jessi put into the song which will cause you to shed tears.


“Every day I see the stars

Shining bright into my life

Oh yeah oh yeah

Fought this battle on my own

Found my strength in love I feel

Everything I do is real

For you”

Jessi - Star (Sketchbook) | KBS WORLD TV 200821

7. “Arrived”

Jessi mentioned in her album, UN2VERSE, that this song is her most personal song. Her journey to being where she is now definitely does not just happen overnight. Jessi highlighted in this song that it’s important to make time to celebrate ourselves as we make sure the people we cherish are taken care of. Not to mention, this song is perfect for long drives with your friends as you go to a town far away from yours!

“I’m feeling myself, I deserve a day off

Don’t forget to smell the flowers in the chaos

Countin’ down on all the days I waited patiently

And all these years I never let my haters get to me”



8. “Gosh”

Jessi sang an OST for the recent drama Woori The Virgin. She portrayed the feeling of realizing that you have already fallen in love with the person, and you constantly think of them. She expressed how scary it is to fall in love with the person you dream of which makes gives you conflicting feelings. *sigh* What a beautiful nightmare.

“Every night, even if I close my eyes

Fall into a deeper dream

You, The nightmare of you drives me crazy

You, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh

You’re my trouble, trouble, trouble

You’re my devil, devil, devil”



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