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Joyce Pring's Podcast Might Have The Answers You Need If You're Struggling With Adulting

Nakaka-relate din ba kayo?

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the day when I would *officially* become an adult. At the time, being an adult seemed so ~cool~ to me. You get to travel, buy things that you only dreamed of having when you were young, meet all kinds of people, and basically just have fun. Now, as I approach my 30s, I find the idea somewhat funny. Like, what was I thinking?! Haha! Sometimes, I wish I could just be a kid again because one thing's for sure: Adulting isn't easy. 

Angel Dei Talks About Money, Adulting, And What It Takes To Live Alone

Saving money for the future, maintaining healthy relationships, figuring out your career path, and keeping your mental health in checkit's no doubt that there are sooo many adulting struggles. But if there's one thing you should know, it's that you are definitely not alone. Other people are going through the same experiences you are, and it's totally okay to feel whatever you are feeling.

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If you ever find yourself struggling and searching for tips on how to survive the crazy world of adulting, try giving Joyce Pring's podcast a listen. In Adulting With Joyce Pring, she discusses the most relatable topics and concerns of twentysomething Filipinas.

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Joyce shared, "I created Adulting With Joyce Pring in the hopes of having substantial conversations with other young adults who are also trying to figure out life." She adds, "Adulting is so much easier in concept, but when you're there already, in the thick of it, that's when it gets really tough. So that's why I put together this podcast kasi gusto kong pagusapan natin, oo, mahirap siya."

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