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Justin Bieber Says He'll Release A New Album Before Christmas—On One Condition

Will it contain songs about Hailey AND Selena?
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/justinbieber

We've got Justin Bieber updates, everyone! And no, it's not about how Selena Gomez made references to her relationship with him through her latest singles "Lose You To Love Me" and "Look At Me Now." Or how his wife Hailey Baldwin appeared *to shade* Selena by posting "I'll kill you" on IG (which she later denied)!

Okay. Ready? A few hours ago, the Biebs posted an Instagram photo with the words: "If this post gets 20 million likes, Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas."

Justin added in the caption: "Share it, like it, post in your story, I gotta see the demand. Love [that] you guys [are] pumped for it! I'm almost done, but your support will make me move faster." 

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20 mil is certainly not a joke, and Beliebers are wasting no time tweeting and talking about the post! Some are even creating multiple accounts just to help the numbers go up, and as of the writing of this article, it has already gained over 3.5 million likes.

An earlier IG post has also gotten fans thinking that the new album is going to be an R&B one, just like Justin's 2013 compilation, Journals. His last album, Purpose, was released in November 2015. 

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Everyone's psyched for this album, and I bet we're all wondering: Will it contain tracks about the new Mrs. Bieber, Hailey? Will it also address his 2018 breakup with Selena?

At least we know we only have a few months of waiting left. In the meantime, hit that like button if you can't wait for new music!

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