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These K-Drama Actors *Almost* Played The Role Of Big Boss In 'Descendants Of The Sun'

Gong Yoo was among those offered the role.
The K-drama actors who turned down the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin in Descendants Of The Sun
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2016 is an unforgettable year for K-drama fans—it gave us some of the most iconic TV series to date and we can't talk about that year without including the KBS drama, Descendants Of The Sun. The plot was solid and the cast members were perfect for their characters—that's why it was a phenomenal success.

Song Joong Ki did a marvelous job as Captain Yoo Si Jin, aka Big Boss, but did you know that other K-drama actors were also offered the role?

In an episode of tVN's The List 2016, it was revealed that four high-profile Korean celebrities turned down the offer to play the lead role in Descendants Of The Sun, namely: Gong Yoo, Kim Woo Bin, Jo In Sung, and Won Bin!

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If you're curious why they said no to the casting proposal, one of the possible reasons is because Descendants Of The Sun is a pre-produced K-drama. What does that mean? According to Seoulbeats: "...the drama entirely, or mostly, filmed before broadcast, shows have less scope to adapt to the audience’s response which affects its commercial viability." The drama also required overseas filming—some scenes from DOTS were actually shot in Greece!—which means the actors would have to be away from South Korea for a long time.


Another possible reason Gong Yoo, Kim Woo Bin, Jo In Sung, and Won Bin did not take on the role is that the lead character required a short (read: military-compliant) haircut. Joong Ki was enlisted in the military when he reviewed the script for DOTS, and he already considered it to be his first drama after he was discharged from the mandatory service. How convenient, noh?

Fun fact: Kim Woo Bin thanked the K-drama's production team for its popularity which he said gave an advantage to Uncontrollably Fond, another KBS TV series, which was aired in the same year after DOTS: "We’ve just put our spoon down on a table that’s already set for dinner." He even said "I love you" to Song Joong Ki complete with a finger heart. Cute!

Can you imagine any of the four actors in a soldier's uniform portraying Captain Yoo? Let us know in the comments section!

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