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Here's What Happened In Kim Seon Ho's *Precious* 'Run On' Cameo

What Happened In Kim Seon Ho's Run On Cameo

WARNING: *Major* spoilers ahead for Run On

Run On, which aired its final episode on February 4, tells the story of a *spunky* foreign film translator named Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung) and an athlete called Ki Seon Gyeom (Im Siwan). Even though their lives are totally different, they keep crossing paths and eventually develop feelings for each other! The Netflix K-drama is a slow burn romantic story, and it's the perfect watch after a looong day of work. 

Even before the show's first episode, rumors of Start-Up actor Kim Seon Ho's cameo were already ~rampant~ on social media. The speculations were finally confirmed on January 20, and we've been looking forward to his special appearance ever since! 

Who is Kim Seon Ho's character in Run On?

This cameo actually happened because Kim Seon Ho previously worked with Run On director Lee Jae Hoon. In Episode 16, he appeared in a scene with Oh Mi Joo as a film director who got into the Dubai Film Festival thanks to her translation. They had coffee at Mi Joo's go-to cafe and reminisced about their *fights* while working on the project together. He tells her: "You annoyed me to hell as well. I blame myself for pushing your buttons...You got angry with me often...You always changed the subject when at a disadvantage...You swore at me a lot." They ended up laughing about it, though! 

The cameo was legit short + sweet, but it was so nice seeing our one and only Good Boy again. Watch Kim Seon Hoand his adorable dimplesin the Run On clip below: 


What's next for Kim Seon Ho? 

According to a report by Soompi, Kim Seon Ho recently "made a large donation to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation." He is also rumored to be starring in a fantasy K-drama called Link opposite Moon Ga Young.

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