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7 Korean Romance Movies On Viu For Your Daily Dose Of *Kilig* And Tears

Bring on the tissue!
PHOTO: Unforgettable/Little Big Pictures

Do you want to indulge in some Korean movies for much-needed kilig, drama, and tears? Here are seven romance films you can watch on Viu!

1. Unforgettable (2016)

The stars: Kim So Hyun and EXO's Do Kyungsoo

A radio DJ receives a letter from his first love, which was written 23 years ago! The movie takes us back in time and we witness the tragic story of Soo-ok (So Hyun), who suffers from a leg injury, and Boem-sil (Kyung Soo), the friend who's always there to carry her (literally). Nakakaiyak, promise! 

2. One Day (2017) 

The stars: Kim Nam Gil and Chun Woo Hee

An insurance investigator(Nam Gil) who recently lost his wife is assigned to work on the case of a woman (Woo Hee) in a coma. For some reason, he can see and interact with the woman's spirit! According to Soompi, Woo Hee's character appreciates the small things in life, and she seems "like a fairy godmother to those who are grieving." 

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3. Be With You (2018) 

The stars: Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub

Viu tells us that before her death, a woman promises her family that she would return to them one year later, on a rainy day. Miraculously, she reappears before her husband and son but has no memory about her past at all! 

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P.S. The movie features the same "tunnel" as the one in Hotel Del Luna

4. Spellbound (2011)

The stars: Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki

magician who's afraid of ghosts (Min Ki) falls in love with a woman (Ye Jin) who can SEE ghosts! He has to overcome his fear just to be with her. 

Fun fact: There's going to be a Pinoy remake of the film, starring Bela Padilla and Marco Gumabao.

5. A Man And A Woman (2016)

The stars: Gong Yoo and Jeon Do Yeon 

According to its Viu description, this movie features two strangers—both married with children—who meet in Finland, where they share a special connection.

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6. The Servant (2010) 

The stars: Kim Joo Hyuk, Ryu Seung Bum, and Cho Yeo Jeong

In this historical drama, a *lowly* servant falls for a woman, and she also has feelings for him. The problem is, his master also likes her, and she, in turn, wants to improve her station in life. Watch this film if you're looking for a love triangle! 

7. Like For Likes (2016) 

The stars: Yoo Ah InChoi Ji Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Lee Mi YeonKang Ha Neul, and Esom

According to Viu, this movie features three couples who must "learn to navigate the modern dating world via social media": an arrogant top star and a fussy hit-making screenwriter; a meddling chef and a homeless flight attendant; and a deaf composer and TV drama producer! 


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