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8 Must-Watch Korean Variety Shows On Viu

Side-by-side photos of Lee Dong Wook and BTS' Jin in variety shows.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Because I Want To Talk/SBS TV, (RIGHT) Law of the Jungle/SBS

If you've caught up on all your fave K-dramas, why not give Korean variety shows a try? From music competitions to game shows to travel and survival episodes, there's something for everyone.

1. I Live Alone

What are the everyday lives of Korean actors and idols ~truly~ like? I Live Alone invites the viewers along as celebs share their homes and daily activities with the show's curious hosts.

2. I Can See Your Voice

Back for its seventh season, this mystery music game show invites viewers and celebrity guests to identify the true vocalists among the six contestants. Will the guest stars sing with a talented singer, or did they pick a tone-deaf person who's just incredibly good at lip-syncing? 

3. Running Man

With over 500 episodes, it's hard to find an OG actor or idol group who hasn't been on Running Man. The fan-favorite name tag ripping game has been the cause of much laughter, especially when there's an "X-Man" (aka spy) involved. PH runners, ICDYK: the Manila stop for the Running Man: A Decade of Laughter Tour has been postponed to December 2020!

4. Men on a Mission (Knowing Brothers)

It's back to high school for your guest idols and actors! Watch the cast grill your faves on the most random topics, as everyone learns to fear the toy hammer during the Q&A rounds. Be prepared for a lot of random trivia and non-stop laughter!

5. Return of Superman

The star-studded cast is a sure draw, but viewers obviously stay for the celebrity kids. From siblings Naeun and Gunhoo to Lee twins Seoeon and Seojun to the Song triplets, get a sneak peek into the daily lives of famous Korean celebs and their families on Return of Superman.


6. King of Mask Singer

This popular singing competition show challenges the judging panel and the audience to guess the identity of the singer behind the mask. Contestants battle it out to be crowned the King of Mask Singer.

7. The Law of the Jungle

Survivor fans, this one's for you! Watch your fave Korean celebrities work together in order to complete missions and survive in exotic locations. Did you know they've even filmed episodes in the Philippines?

8. Traveler 2

If you loved the first season of Traveler, don't miss out on the newest lineup! Kang Ha Neul, Ong Seong Wu, and Ahn Jae Hong travel to South American and explore Argentina from the north to the south. Their bromance is adorable!

Bonus: Because I Want To Talk

Missed seeing Lee Dong Wook on your screen? While waiting for his new K-drama Tale of Gumiho (co-starring our OG oppa Kim Bum!), catch up on the actor's talk show! His first guest was BFF and Goblin co-star Gong Yoo.


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