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10 Must-Know Facts About Our OG Crush, Lee Seung Gi

He's one of the most versatile Korean celebrities out there!

Some Korean celebs can act, while others can sing. But if we're going to talk about someone who can do both (and more), the first person that would come to mind would definitely be Lee Seung Gi

ICYDK, the multi-talented Hallyu star has been in the industry for a long time and he has dipped his toes in various fields—including acting, performing, hosting, and more! If you're a new Airen (his fandom's name), get to know more about Lee Seung Gi, aka our OG crush here:

1. Lee Seung Gi was born on January 13, 1987.

Which makes him a 34-year-old Capricorn! To celebrate his special day, fans from all over the world have their own ways of greeting him, such as putting up birthday ads on different platforms. A belated saengil chukahamnida to you, oppa!

2. He debuted as a singer at the age of 17.

Armed with two years of training, Lee Seung Gi made his entertainment debut in 2004 with a song composed by PSY (aka the man behind "Gangnam Style"), titled "You're My Woman." The track is about a noona romance (or a young man falling in love with an older woman). It became a popular hit in South Korea, which eventually earned him a number of "Best Newcomer" awards. 


From there, Lee Seung Gi has released a *lot* of top-charting songs, best-selling albums, and K-drama's OSTs. In more recent news, he just made a comeback with his seventh studio album, The Project

3. Lee Seung Gi has starred in a string of successful K-dramas.

If you remember Lee Seung Gi in the Koreanovelas Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, congrats, you're already a tita like me. Aside from this, he has also led a handful of high-rating K-dramas such as The King 2 Hearts, Gu Family Book (also known as Kangchi, The Beginning), A Korean Odyssey, and Vagabond. Currently, Lee Seung Gi is busy filming his upcoming thriller series, Mouse. Here's the first teaser from tvN for you to enjoy: 

4. In Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi pulled off most of his stunts.

Yup, our hardworking actor did 90% of his stunts for this K-drama! If you know how action-packed Vagabond is, you will appreciate Lee Seung Gi's dedication in this field. One of the scenes even includes an exploding car! With his passion for acting, the production staff of the drama gave him a standing ovation right when he finished filming the scene. Ang galing!

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In an article published by The Korea Times, Lee Seung Gi mentioned that he allots time every day to improve himself: "From rehearsals, I'm always in full gear, harnessing my feelings, and getting immersed in my character 100 percent, because I don't know otherwise. I tried hard not to botch scenes or forget lines, which could make people think it's because I'm doing a drama and a variety show at the same time."


5. Lee Seung Gi is a seasoned host and a variety show entertainer.

There's no denying that the 34-year-old is a favorite when it comes to hosting award ceremonies, because he returned again as the emcee in this year's Golden Disc Awards! Four days after the said event, he hosted the SBS Entertainment Awards. Need we say more?

As for his variety show skills, Lee Seung Gi is arguably a ~master~ in this area. Some of his most notable shows as an entertainer include Master In The House, Busted (which is set for a third season), Hometown Flex, TwogetherLittle ForestProduce 48, 2 Days & 1 Nightand Strong Heart, to name a few.


6. Lee Seung Gi is also a certified child psychology counselor!

To prepare for his stint in SBS' Little Forest, Lee Seung Gi obtained a certificate in child counseling. This is because he was concerned about the worried parents of the children he was going to *take care* of. Awww! Imagine how sweet Seung Gi would be when he becomes an appa (father), 'no?

7. In school, he was a well-rounded student.

It was said that in high school, he became the student body president, played soccer, and led a rock band as a vocalist. In college, he was admitted to Dongguk University and in a TV show, it was revealed that he received straight As in class! Lee Seung Gi also pursued his masters at Dongguk University’s Graduate School where he studied content planning. With all of these achievements, he was dubbed as the nation's umchina, or the son of your mom's friend who is good at *everything*. In short, he is PERFECT. Mom, I want him!


8. Lee Seung Gi can speak Korean, English, and Japanese.

Really guys, what can't he do?? Tell me! According to his agency, the actor is *very* diligent in studying the English language on his own. This clip right here proves how he can speak English well! Seung Gi, my heart can only take so much you know. :(

9. The Hallyu star represented South Korea in the 2012 London Olympics.

Along with Han Ga In, Seung Gi served as a runner and torchbearer in the Olympics. He was chosen as the country's representative not only because he's an endorser of Samsung (who sponsored the Olympics) at that time, but also because of his overall good image. A good choice indeed!

10. He dated Girls' Generation's Yoona seven years ago.

On January 1, 2014, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona were revealed by Dispatch as a New Year's Couple. It turns out, they started dating in October 2013! Seung Gi has mentioned several times that the Girls' Generation member is his ideal type. Imagine how happy fans were when they were confirmed to be in a relationship! Seung Gi was once spotted picking up Yoona from her house and they went on a romantic date by the Han River. Kilig! Unfortunately, they broke up in August 2015.


Bonus: Lee Seung Gi has a fear of heights.

After he was discharged from the military, Seung Gi penned a touching letter to Airens and mentioned his acrophobia. But being the determined and hardworking guy that he is, he didn't let fear get in the way of his military service. He was even hailed as an exemplary soldier! Way to go, oppa!

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