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What You Need To Know About Lee Shin Young's New Drama 'How To Buy A Friend'

It's our Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom's first leading role!
PHOTO: (LEFT) How To Buy A Friend/KBS, (RIGHT) Instagram/kbsdrama

I bet all of us Crash Landing On You fangirls were SUPER PROUD when news of Lee Shin Young taking on his first starring role made the rounds online. The 22-year-old budding actor played the role of Staff Sergeant Park Kwang Beom in the mega-hit K-drama. And in February (even before CLOY wrapped up, mind you), it was announced that Shin Young would be the lead star of How To Buy A Friend. Want to know more about our dear ~handsome~ Company Five member's new drama? Check out these deets below:

So, what's How To Buy A Friend about?

How To Buy A Friend is actually based on the webtoon titled Contract Friendship. As the original title suggests, the drama revolves around the ~contractual friendship~ between Park Chang Hong, an ordinary high school student, and Heo Don Hyuk, the school's legendary fighter. Leading totally different lives, their paths cross when Don Hyuk asks help from Chang Hong in investigating the truth behind his girlfriend's suicide.

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Who's starring in it?

Lee Shin Young as ordinary student Park Chang Hong


Shin Seung Ho as legendary fighter Heo Don Hyuk


Kim So Hye as popular girl Uhm Se Yoon (and Park Chang Hong's crush!)

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When's it showing?

It's already ongoing! How To Buy A Friend currently has two episodes out and is shown on KBS.


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