Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth's Surprise Split, Explained By Astrology

Because we NEED closure.

ICYMI, and there's no way you did, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just split up after years of being together. This has been an effing cuh-raaaaaazy summer so far, and their recent breakup shows that nobody, not even celebs with adorbs AF meetcutes and ~together forever~ vibes, are having an easy time with this astro-weather!

Looking at their charts, Miley and Liam's friendship turned situationship turned relationship turned breakup turned reconnection turned engagement turned marriage....actually makes sense. Miley's a freedom-loving Sagittarius Sun (the most "Can't Be Tamed" sign of all time, TBH) with an intense Scorpio Moon. Sagittarius placements usually don't have an easy time with commitment, but her Scorpio Moon makes her able to forms deep bonds with the people she loves and feels like she's entangled with them forever.

To top that off, Miley's Venus sign is in Capricorn, which is confusingly very un-Sagittarian in nature—it's the sign of stability, structure, and longevity, so when Miley does fall in love with someone, it really lasts, and she wants to keep them around for a long time. This offers a little insight into their relationship ups-and-downs and why they're still able to still be friends when they're not ~in love~ with each other.

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Liam, on the other hand, is a Capricorn Sun with a Leo Moon. He also has a Capricorn stellium, which is when there are three or more planets in one sign. Liam has five Capricorn placements, all of them are sitting cozy with Miley's Venus in Capricorn—so its no wonder she's been with him for, like, ever.

Liam was born with his Venus retrograde in Aquarius, This means that when he's not in a love relationship with Miley, he's still happy being her best friend (Aquarius is the most platonic sign), and the "retrograde" part of that placement indicates that he's super picky with who he partners up with. Aka, it makes sense he's pretty much been with Miley and only Miley, despite being such a gorg charmer.

Ok, you ask, but why now, when they've taken solid, conscious time apart in the past and seemed so solid and happy for so long? Well, this summer's astro-weather hit both of these ex-lovebirds' charts pretty hard. All of those eclipses last month (plus Mercury Retrograde) were hitting Miley's Venus placement pretty hard. There's been tons of action in her love life coming towards her at breakneck speed, so it makes sense she felt overwhelmed and needed to take a step back. Also, all of this Leo season energy has been sending harsh vibes to Miley's Moon (feelings) and Mercury (thoughts) as well, so her head and heart have been pushed to their limits. She's also recently expressed her distaste for being called a "wife," which makes sense with her Sagittarius Sun—when she feels restricted, she'll do anything to break free.

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