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This Is Why Nadine Lustre Snapped And Fired Back At Ricky Lo's Article About JaDine Breakup

The actress speaks up in a new interview.

In a new interview, Nadine Lustre revealed exactly what made her “lose it” when she read Ricky Lo’s article about her breakup with James Reid in January.

The actress said she was fine with the breakup article but *not* with the showbiz columnist mentioning her brother Isaiah, who allegedly died by suicide in 2017. “Ricky Lo published that article which said that James is cushioning the breakup or taking things slow because I’m mentally unstable. He also mentioned my brother in the article—that’s when I lost it. I was fine with the breakup article. I didn’t care about it. But as soon as he mentioned mental illness and my brother, that’s when he crossed the line.” 

Nadine, who has been open about struggling with depression, said, “What my brother went through, it wasn’t a joke. I can’t even imagine what was going through his head when that was happening to him. Until now, I still wish that I pushed him a little bit more so that he opened up to me and I could’ve helped him and done something… But now I’m more concerned about the people who are actually going through it and need people to lean on.”

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The print version of the controversial article published in the Philippine Star included this paragraph which has been edited out of the online version: “According to a Star source, James is handling the breakup with care to cushion the impact on Nadine who has admitted [to] grappling with mental illness ([she] has a brother who committed suicide).” 

The Philippine Star
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When the article came out, Nadine fired back on IG Stories: “First off, that was so low. Second, none of what you said was true and it is NEVER okay to use someone’s mental situation/tragic past just to prove a point. Mental illness is a very sensitive matter. Lastly, you think you know so much [about] me, but you can’t even get my last name right. ANU NA, 2020 NA!” She was referring to being wrongly identified as Nadine Samonte in the print caption. 

Nadine and James announced their breakup in January, one month before what was supposed to be their fourth anniversary. 

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