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8 Facts About Nam Yoon Su That'll Make You Love Him Even More

Like how he has two cats and they have their own Instagram account!
8 Must-Know Facts About Nam Yoon Su
PHOTO: instagram/nam_yoonsu

As much as we loved watching Ji Woon and the Crown Prince Lee Hwi fall in love in The King's Affection, we can't deny there was a tiny part of us that wouldn't have been completely angry if Prince Jaeun got the girl. That's how good Nam Yoon Su wasand it's exactly why we're excited to see him in another drama. This time, he'll be starring alongside Kim Sejeong and Choi Daniel in a new SBS drama called Today's Webtoon. The show is a Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese series Sleepeeer Hit!

Nam Yoon Su portrays Goo Joon Young, a young and charming new employee who joins the webtoon editorial department. Though he's always been a top student, he realizes that the real world isn’t as easy as it looksespecially since he doesn't know anything about the webtoon industry. The actor shared his experience while working on Today's Webtoon: "Through this project, I learned that so much time and effort are needed to create a single webtoon issue and that incredible determination is necessary to meet deadlines. The struggles and efforts of the writers, who think competitively so that readers can enjoy comfortably, and the webtoon editors, who protect and support by [writers'] sides, was touching." Keep reading to learn more about Nam Yoon Su's past roles, adorable cats, and personal life.


Facts about Nam Yoon Su:

1. Nam Yoon Su was born on July 14, 1997.

Which makes him Cancer. As an empath, they're usually all up in their feels: "They pick up on everyone’s feelings and are inherently emotional themselves. Their moods roll with the tides as they are ruled by the Moon." This sounds just like Yoon Su. In a 2021 interview with GQ, he revealed how he became teary-eyed when a taxi driver asked him "It's tough out there, huh?" At the time, he was shooting Extracurricular and his character was "violent and vulgar"completely opposite of who he is IRL. "I was going through a difficult time emotionally. When the taxi driver threw me the question on my way home from the shoot, I suddenly got emotional. I didn't cry too hard, it was just a few tears," the star said. Aww!

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2. Before he became an actor, he was a model.

That's right, our guy can strike a pose. He made his modeling debut in 2014 and appeared in a few music videos. Four years later, he began acting. His first project? A drama called 4 Kinds Of House. Though he now has a handful of roles under his belt, he still remembers what it took to get to where he is today. He told Cosmopolitan Korea, "I first wanted to be a model when I was in middle school. At the time, I was about 170 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 7 inches) tall and I steadily grew taller than the older students. Acting is also something I began because I wanted to do it. As a model, I would take on roles in music videos and think to myself, 'It  would be fun if I could act, too.'"

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3. Extracurricular was his big break.

In 2020, Nam Yoon Su starred in The Temperature Of Language: Our Nineteen as Lee Chan Sol, but it was his performance in Extracurricular that put him on the map. He gained immense recognition and was nominated for Best New Actor - Television at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.


Since then, he's also been in Live Your Strength (with Bae Suzy), Birthcare Center, Beyond Evil, and The King's Affection.


ICYDK, The King's Affection is the model-turned-actor's first historical drama. He took the job because it's something new and because Lee Hyun is *unpredictable.* Plus, his lines made his heart skip a beat, haha! He also used the words "lonely resolve" to describe his character, explaining, "Love is a lonely but solid emotion for Lee Hyun. He tries to keep his composure while watching over Lee Hwi, who lives in constant danger, and as Ji Woon's friend, he refuses to give up his loyalty. To me, he is both pitiful and admirable."

4. Nam Yoon Su describes his personality as calm.

Like his role in The King's Affection, Yoon Su said that in his day-to-day life, he is normally quiet and diligent. In an interview, he spoke more about this by sharing what it was like growing up as the youngest of three brothers: "When I was young, I fought quite often with my older brothers. But as I grew up, I realized that I'm naturally a calm person. It's not just me. All three of us aren't very talkative. We each enjoy being in our own rooms."


5. Like many actors, he'd like to play a villain someday.

Unsurprisingly, Nam Yoon Su would like to try his hand at playing the bad guysomeone ruthless, whose mind you can't read. And apparently, he's halfway there because sometimes, people think he looks scary when he laughs, LOL!

6. His life motto is "Do your best, rather than be the best."

He elaborated in an interview, "If I want to achieve something, it happens. It's fascinating. When I first dreamed of becoming a model, I was still short. But years of dreaming later, I had grown quite a lot. Once I decide to lose weight, the weight really sheds off. Whenever I want to achieve something, something changes within me. And that something changes me overall."


7. Nam Yoon Su has two adorable cats!

And they have their own Instagram account: @chacha__bobo. As you could have guessed, their names are Chacha and Bobo. Nam Yoon Su adopted them around three years ago. As a kid, he wanted a cat but his dad told him to wait until he was older. "Now, my mom and dad tell me that when my cats aren't there, their house feels empty. I can't bring myself to take them back to my house. I go to see the cats when I don't have filming, but I don't think they recognize me since it’s been such a long time. Instead of feeling upset or betrayed, I felt like I wanted to cry. It was so strange. Why wouldn’t they recognize me?"


8. Don't worry, he has his own Instagram account, too.

Follow @nam_yoonsu to stay updated on his acting projects, modeling gigs, and yes, more cat content.


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