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OMG! Park Seo Joon Is Making A Cameo On 'Record Of Youth'

If you haven't started the drama, now's your time to catch up!

We just absolutely love K-drama crossovers and we have an upcoming one that's already getting us all excited. According to, our new fave drama, Record Of Youth, will have a special guest in a future episodeand it's none other than Park Seo Joon! As of writing, there aren't any deets on what role he'll be playing or what episode his cameo will drop, but we do know that he already finished filming his scenes.


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If you can recall, Record Of Youth's leading man, Park Bo Gum, also made an appearance in Seo Joon's top-rating drama Itaewon Class back in March. Bo Gum's cameo was in the drama's finale episode where he played a chef applying for a position in Kwon Nara's restaurant.

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Record Of Youth tells the story of model Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum) whose big dream is to become an actor. So many things aren't working out for him—his unsupportive family, industry people who take advantage of him, and his looming military enlistment—but he still keeps his head held high and does whatever he can to make ends meet. Since the show is all about the entertainment industry, maybe Seo Joon could even play himself in the drama?! Stay tuned for updates!

New episodes of Record Of Youth are available on Netflix every Monday and Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m.


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