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A Guide To Park Bo Gum's Many Odd Jobs In 'Record Of Youth'

He really is one hardworking oppa!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Netflix/Record Of Youth, Instagram/recordofyouth_official

Two episodes down in Record Of Youth and it's already become our current favorite drama! The coming-of-age series stars Park Bo Gum as Sa Hye Jun, a down-on-his-luck model who dreams of becoming an actor. So many things aren't working out for himhis unsupportive family, industry people who take advantage of him, and his looming military enlistmentbut he still keeps his head held high and does whatever he can to make ends meet. In Episode 1 of Record Of Youth, we were introduced to Hye Jun and his very busy work schedule of juggling multiple odd jobs in just one day. So, for those kinda confused on what exactly Hye Jun does for a living, here's a guide to his many part-time jobs in the drama.


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1. Bodyguard to the stars

Hye Jun's ~one big dream~ is to be an actor, but he has to start somewhere, and that happens to be as a bodyguard of a bigtime (read: asshole) actor.

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2. Subway server

After his stint as a bodyguard, Hye Jun hopped on to his next job: as a Subway server. Can you imagine lining up at your neighborhood Subway and seeing this gorgeous face ask you for your order?! (One Italian BMT, tyvm!)

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3. Korean BBQ server

Hye Jun's last stop for the day was at a Korean BBQ joint where he ended his shift late at night. Damn, that was tiring.

Netflix/Record Of Youth
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4. Model

But that's not the end Hye Jun's grind: The next day, he ~timed in~ for his main job as a model and walked the runway of a major fashion show. With all that he's doing just to support himself, we can't help but root for him to realize his dream! Keep on fighting, Hye Jun!

Netflix/Record Of Youth
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New episodes of Record Of Youth are available on Netflix every Monday and Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m.


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