Park Seo Joon Is Starring In A New Movie—This Time, As A Soccer Player!

We seriously want to buy tickets now pa lang.
PHOTO: Fight For My Way/KBS2

Park Seo Joon is the best in fan service—we've already established that. But it appears that Seo Joon is a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING because he's starring in a new film very soon! 

Soompi reports that the Lee Byung Yun-directed movie, Dreams, will have Seo Joon as its lead star! His character is named Yoon Hong Dae and Soompi says that he's "a professional soccer player who is put on disciplinary probation after being caught up in an unexpected incident. With his entire career at risk, Yoon Hong Dae winds up becoming the coach of an unusual soccer team consisting of a motley crew of inexperienced players."

This film already sounds inspiring and heartbreaking and we're ready to buy our tickets now pa langThe movie is set to begin filming in 2020. 

ICYMI, for his most recent film The Divine Fury, Seo Joon played a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter + priest! He shared in an interview that doing the action scenes was much harder than he expected and said: 'If there was a hell, this would be close to it.'" We hope Dreams won't tire him out too much. Please take care of yourself, PSJ! 

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Seo Joon was recently in Manila for his "fun meet" with PH clothing brand Bench. During his (really brief) visit, we learned that he's super flattered to be compared to Ryan Gosling and that he actually likes sisig!

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