Park Seo Joon Reacting To His YouTube Videos Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

And his staff is there for moral support, lol!

Apart from being the most supportive friend ever to Kim Soo Hyun and filming his movie with IU, Park Seo Joon is out here giving the people what they want: more cute and funny videos of our favorite oppa

Seo Joon, who recently received a Gold YouTube Play Button for hitting one million subscribers, uploaded a hilarious video where he reacts to the most popular vlogs on his channel. And there for moral support is his entire staff!

Of all the videos he reacted to, we, of course, enjoyed Track 7 the most! Yes, it's the one where he was in the Philippines for his first-ever fan meeting. Seo Joon shared, "Back then, I wanted to tour around the downtown of Manila. But we [didn't have] much time." 

He also revealed na bagong gupit siya noon—something diehard fans surely noticed—because he was preparing for his role as Park Saeroyi in Itaewon Class. After the fan meeting, Seo Joon walked around Greenbelt in Makati but he said he had to go back to the hotel quickly. After that, he ate a huge ice cream, lol! 

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Watch the entire thing below to find out which other videos Seo Joon reacted to:

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